diva-jones said:  Here is Mercedes! :D

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1 October 2011
Mercedes Jones(ACCEPTED!)

Yay! Go ahead and make your page! 

Name/Age: Courtney/15

Character: Mercedes Jones

Ships(Include endgame preference): Don’t really have a preferred endgame, but ships include Samcedes, Artcedes,  honestly pretty much anyone that Mercedes would be happy with. :D

Time Zone/How active can you be?: Eastern/I’m usually on very often when not on at school. :D

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1 October 2011
dancing-brittanypierce replied to your post: Ryan Joseph Paradis ((ACCEPTED!))
can i have my baby

I’ll see what I can do for you. :)

26 September 2011

ryan-paradis-deactivated2011111 said:  Hey, here he is. ^_^ <--- oh, that Megs. What a keener.

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26 September 2011
Ryan Joseph Paradis ((ACCEPTED!))

Go ahead and make your page! :)

Name/Age: Megs, 18. Ash sent me!

Character: Ryan Joseph Paradis

Ships(Include endgame preference): Ryan/Happiness, ultimately Ryan/Sophia, probably.

Time Zone/How active can you be?: Pacific Standard Time (West Coast), and in general I’m pretty active. I have witnesses! ^_^

Sample Para: (From an AU Quinntana RP I was in) Quinn just stood with her mouth hanging open. She didn’t know what to say, do, think. She didn’t know how to function for the better part of a minute. Slowly, her senses came back to her. One of the little freshmen asked her where the first aid building was; she gave the simplest directions she could on her way out the door. She knew it was obvious to the other Cheerios that she was on a mission. Stopping one of the sophomores on her way along the path, she asked if the girl had seen Santana. She hadn’t, of course, so Quinn continued. Tears were just beginning to sting the back of her eyes. Why am I always the one chasing her, she thought bitterly, though it seemed fitting. Catching a flash of green away from the group, she jogged towards it, genuinely hoping that it was the girl she was looking for. Almost catching up to her, she slowed to a brisk walk.


By the time she’d turned around, Quinn had talked herself out of hesitating. She grabbed Santana by the shoulders and kissed her, hard. Pulling back after a moment, she released her friend’s arms and hissed, “I wasn’t about to do that in a cabin full of freshman, was I? Now, all this started because you wanted to piss off Brittany. I have…so much…holding me back, but if I can’t touch you again after today I don’t know what I’m going to do. Got it, Lopez?” She was trembling. Nervousness, rage, arousal, low blood sugar, all of it came together and she couldn’t keep still. “And I’m going to ignore that comment you made about Beth, if you don’t mind.” By this point tears were coursing down her cheeks, but she didn’t care. “Say something. Please.”

26 September 2011 ♥ 3

iguessmynameisblaine said:  ooc: In a few weeks I'll be going to Paris for about five days so I won't be on at all from October 10th-15th. just an early warning for everyone :P

ooc: Lucky Duck!!!! Thanks for the heads up!

24 September 2011 ♥ 2

mckinleyy-gossipp-deactivated20 said:  Jacob Ben-Israel here and reporting for duty! Ready to stick my nose into some of the latest, juiciest gossip!

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23 September 2011 ♥ 1
Gossip Blog ((ACCEPTED!))

YAY! Go ahead and make the page!

Character: Jacob Ben-Israel/Gossip Blog

Ships(Include endgame preference): Rachel/Jacob ;) 

Time Zone/How active can you be?: On most of the time after school. So out of 10 - 8/10

Sample Para: do you need me to write this? If you do I will happily.

23 September 2011


The members of New Directions are about to enter their Senior year of High School. The most important year of a high schooler’s life. How will they handle it? Who’s planning on getting out of Lima and who’s staying? Will Santana, Brittany and Quinn spend their final year on the Cheerios again and back on the top of the social ladder? Will Karofsky finally come out? Is Blaine transferring to McKinley and joining New Directions? Who’s hooking up and who’s breaking up? Finchel, Puckleberry, Quick, Brittana, Klaine? Senior year is a big one and for the members of New Directions, drama will surely find its way. How do you see their Senior Year playing out? 
A new, active, Glee RPG. We want this to be very active, hopefully with a gossip blog as soon as we get the characters filled. So do not apply if you don’t think you can be active. 

Warning: This is a mature RP. There will be smut, alcohol, etc. on the dash so if you aren’t comfortable with it, do not audition. You don’t have to write it, just be okay with seeing it. 


Taken Characters

Rachel Berry

Brittany S. Pierce

Santana Lopez

Quinn Fabray

Tina Cohen-Chang

Blaine Anderson

Mike Chang

Finn Hudson

Kurt Hummel

Noah Puckerman

Artie Abrams

Dave Karofsky

Sam Evans

Kyle Anderson(OC)

Lauren Lawrence(OC)

Casey Jones(OC)

Alexz Bliss Gordon(OC)

Ashley Abrams(OC)

Open Characters

Mercedes Jones

Jesse St. James

Jacob Ben-Israel/Gossip Blog

Lauren Zizes

Burt Hummel (Needed for our Carole)

Certain OC’s. (MALE OC)



Plot Ideas:

Ships(Include endgame preference):

Time Zone/How active can you be?:

Sample Para:

Send in here preferably with Character you are auditioning for in title.

22 September 2011
GOSSIP BLOG WANTED!Jacob Ben-Israel/Gossip Blog | OPEN If interested in any other characters, check the main page! senioryeargleeks-rp.tumblr.com

Jacob Ben-Israel/Gossip Blog | OPEN

Note: It doesn’t have to be Jacob Ben-Israel. It can just be a regular Gossip Blog. We’d just really like something of the sort. And trust me, this group has a whole lot of gossip so you’d never get bored. :P

If interested in any other characters, check the main page!


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